Friday, April 21, 2017

Custom Bookcases

It's really been a year since I posted?! Hard to believe.  We have been wanting to make a cabinet change in our great room for some time.  Once we moved the TV above the fireplace, we no longer needed the old cabinets on either side.


Since we installed new carpet, we decided now was the time. Of course, we decided this after the new carpet was down. We didn't want to put the new cabinets on top of carpet so we pulled that back and put down hardwood.  Our old hardwood had faded some but it still matches up ok.

This was my inspiration photo of how I wanted the new cabinets to look:

So, off to Lowe's to buy the wood for the top shelving. We bought Lowe's in-stock wall cabinets to use as our base cabinets.

And out to our shop to start cutting and grinding:

After spray painting them, brought them over from the shop and getting them ready to install. The glass shelving was ordered from a local glass shop:

We installed lighting and topped them off with statuary white marble .  Love the marble. Now the fun with putting it all together.

The knobs on the base cabinets are these  (very reasonable) fun lion knockers that we bought here:

I also bought this rug from Wayfair:

And a final pic of the finished room:

It doesn't look like it in the pictures, but our couches and back wall are navy, not black.
The room feels much more balanced.
Wishing you a nice weekend! :)

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