Friday, July 19, 2013

Loving this home outlet!

If you are local to the Cincinnati area, we have a new outlet in town.  Bargains & Buyouts  also has an Ebay store.  I recently found a new living room medallion rug!  This place is a hit or miss. You never know what they will have in stock. That's the fun of it!

I also found this black & white chevron rug there a while ago!

If local, give it a try.  Have a nice weekend!


  1. Is it strictly an online store or do they have a physical shop where I can go peruse?

  2. Hi Tonya. Originally I found this company from their ebay store. But the ship to location was Hamilton, OH. Hmm, ok that's not far from me. So I dug a little deeper to find the actual warehouse/store. Nothing too fancy but they sell from there. They have since moved to 7600 Colerain Avenue, which is even closer for me. Score!! Also, if you go there, don't pay the price on the tag because it is negotiable. Here is their website:

  3. Wow!!! Looks like a great place! Love your blog - the content as well as the design. Hope you have a good Monday!

  4. Very hip home you've created! I'm glad I found your blog!