Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Washer/Dryer??

My husband & I were in Lowe's recently & were checking out the front load washing machines. As we were checking it out, a man came up to us & asked, 'are you thinking about buying a front load washing machine?'. Uh, well we were thinking about it since our current (top loading) washing machine is 22 years old.  'Well, whatever you do, do NOT buy one. Your clothes will smell like mildew!'.  

This was enough for me to do a little more internet research.  I found this blog post regarding this exact topic & have decided when the time comes, we will be buying another top loader washing machine.  That is just too much work to prevent the front loader from making our clothes smell bad.  Any thoughts from anyone out there who already has a front load?


  1. I have heard negative things over and over about them. We have a friend who is an appliance repairman and he told us never buy a front loader. He's always working on them. I do have a friend who loves hers but she has no kids so she probably wouldn't use hers like I do mine. I'll stick with my old set until they wear out I suppose.

  2. I received this comment on email & thought it was worth posting:

    I have to say I did not like my first frontload washer (maytag neptune) but I love the one I just bought Whirlpool Duet Steam. I do wipe off the front of the glass door and around the gasket when I am finished doing laundry for the day, but I only do laundry every 2-3 days now since the machine holds so many clothes. Mine has the clean cycle on it and I usually do run some bleach or vinegar through it when the light comes on saying it needs cleaning. Mine also has a button on it called fan fresh or something like that which you can use if you aren't going to be around to get the clothes out as soon as the washer stops. I think it tumbles the clothes every once in awhile and circulates air so they don't get moldy smelling. I have never used that because I switch it over as soon as it is done. The biggest benefit is the water and electricity savings. My water bill was 80.00 less which to me is significant and that was me jumping from one front loader to another so I would think going from top loader to front loader would really be worthwhile. My sister in law has the LG frontloader and she loves it too. Not sure what model she has she just calls it the cadillac of washers. Frontloaders have come a long way since they first came out.

  3. My front load will tell you when to 'wash it', you can buy these tabs that you throw in and run it through. If you don't want to buy the tabs, you could do what these other people do - bleach or baking soda.

    I do not have moldy smelling clothes. If I left my clothes in the old top load (for a day or so) they would reeeeeek like mildew. I do not have this problem now - my washer also has 'fan fresh' but I have not used it yet. (Had the washer for about a year).

  4. I *love* my LG frontloader. It's direct drive, and they have a good repair record. Frontloaders are easier on the clothes and wash with about a third of the soap (not to mention the water savings). I love being able to do hand wash and even some dry clean items in the machine because there's no agitator.

    Clothes will get smelly if they're left in a few days, but that's true for toploaders, too.

    Buy a model with a large door opening that is higher from the ground - make sure it feels comfortable to reach into.