Monday, February 6, 2012

Affordable Light Option

Are you a fan of the shiny chrome industrial lights above the island? I love them!

If shopping, how about this version?

Lite Source....$112.50

Or a more affordable option: 


More kitchens with these fun & functional lights:

via Decorpad
via Decorpad

Happy shopping & happy Monday!


  1. Karen--Love those! Especially the last one. Wow! (I like the whole room)

    Ikea has the brushed aluminum look for $19.99 (10 ")$24.99 (15") and $29.99 (20"). The drawback is they aren't chrome and don't have the solid rod like the ones you featured . But maybe that is something that could be switched out? I am not sure. But if you are on a really tight budget they could make do in a pinch and upgrade later.

    Overstock has a small chrome pendant for $54.99.

    I am a light junkie, haha. I can't wait until we remodel our kitchen. I am going to have so many lights because right now it is like working in a cave!

  2. really pretty... I saw a good one at Home Depot the other day, too.

  3. I love them! Of course, the Restoration Hardware one is my fave. I like the shape. I have a knack for picking out the most expensive. The one from Lowes is my next pick though. Pretty!