Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hi Guys! Sorry the blog has been pretty slow lately but today I wanted to share an awesome blog with you. Ever get up in the AM & have no idea what to wear or how to put together outfits? That's me, for sure.   'J' will help you with all of her fun outfits & where she has bought them from. She also likes to use a magazine shot as an example & then she will re-create it with her own clothes. Here are some of her fun outfits:

It is even easier to see all of her fun outfits from her Facebook page so you might want to check her out there too!  I've been wanting a pair of cognac riding boots & was able to find this pair at our Gap Outlet.  I am on my way to updating the wardrobe which is in need of some serious help.

Ciao Bella
Happy Wednesday!


  1. I bought some similar boots....then you need the skinny jeans, tops, sweaters.... I love them....comfortable, too.

  2. I did buy some great skinny 'jeggings' at Target. They are the Missoni line & long enough for me which is great!