Tuesday, September 27, 2011


We have a thing at our house about railings. We love railings & I've mentioned before, that we love all things metal.     Here is a pic of our basement railings:

We've been working on the backyard project forever, and finally received in the railing material.  We ordered all the material from a local company, C.M. Mockbee.    Happy to report that the railings are now finished!   Here was an inspiration pic we used:

Here is a before shot of the area:

Here are some progress pics:

These end pieces will be clipped & plugged with a cap.

This picture shows why we need a decent railing. There is about a 10' drop off to the basement steps.

Gotta love progress. Hopefully, we can get to the bar table soon...the granite top is in the pic above leaning on the wall of the porch. Getting there.

Happy Tuesday!