Monday, May 16, 2011

Transforming Oak to Mahogany

We have a very nice bedroom set that was given to us from my in-laws as a wedding gift. I still love it, just not the orange-ish oak color that it has turned. Here is a picture of piece of furniture that I hoped to mimic:

I  love the rich dark mahogany color & wanted to try to duplicate this on our bedroom dressers.
Here is a before shot:

Here are the progress pics which this took a little longer than expected. I originally picked up the wrong stain but my favorite Lowe's paint guy helped me get the right stuff. I used Minwax Polyshades in Bombay Mahogany in the satin finish:

Below it is lightly sanded to remove the previous varnish:

I am planning to change out the knobs so we had to fill the holes & sand. 

The drawers are dovetailed & nice quality:

3 coats of stain on & lightly sanded between each:

And here is it all finished!!  Let's look at the 'before' one more time:

That mirror used to be orange too but a little spray paint changed that!


”transforming oak to mahogany

”transforming oak to mahogany

”transforming oak to mahogany

”transforming oak to mahogany

I bought the ring pulls online from here & the longer drawer pulls were at Lowe's.
I thought about taking down all my jewelry hanging from the hooks under the mirror, but thought why? I don't have anywhere to hang the jewelry without it all getting tangled so function out rules looks here.
I have a piece of glass ordered for the top & will be using this tray also:

And I will continue this project on the coordinating chest, but I was too excited to post this.  Time consuming, but not a hard project at all. Do you have some oak that needs an update?
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Happy Monday!


  1. It looks very nice. You did a great job!

  2. Oh my GOODNESS...really SPECTACULAR with the dark stain!!

  3. Truly a metamorphosis! I totally get where you are coming from about the stain color!!! I LOVE IT NOW. So elegant. Great job and what an accomplishment on a a really fine furniture piece.

  4. Wow! Total transformation. Looks great!!!

  5. It does not even look like the same dresser- gorgous! I would love it if you shared this @ Workshop Wednesday!

  6. I have two dressers and a bed in the exact "before" style, and this is the exact "after" style I am aspiring to achieve.

    Thanks for the pics, which have helped me convince my partner that my time will be worthwhile.