Monday, May 23, 2011

Thrifting in Cincinnati

There are several Goodwill stores here in Cincinnati that are awesome & have great sales. That said, I just recently discovered a new thrift store that has been here for 25 years....what??  I can't believe I haven't been to this one before but it is great. And, 25% off on Monday's.  If interested, it's Valley Thrift on Reading Road.  The prices seem to be better than GW, there is more merchandise and it is very organized. They also seem to have a ton of stuff that has TJ Maxx tags on it.  Love that!!

And, for some great 'thrifting tips' from Centsational Girl, click here!
Happy Monday


  1. Nothing better than finding a new thrift store! If I were there, I'd sure go shopping with you!

  2. I think we all want the patina and price of a good thrift find. Our Salvation Army just had a 50% off sale and I got three silver plated photo frames for my bedroom for $2. Love recycling!

  3. i'm so glad i discovered your post! i tried to go to this thrift store once but couldn't find a parking spot (it must have been a big sale day). i guess i'll have to go back!