Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Granite or Marble?

I love both granite & marble which I currently have in my kitchen. I have granite on the kitchen island:

I have marble on the ledge above the sink:

Using marble in the kitchen is very popular now for counter tops & back splashes.
For an awesome blog post regarding kitchen countertop options in marble click here!

Marble can get etched & pitted with all the work that goes on in a kitchen. Some people like that worn look. 

If you are at that point trying to decide between granite and/or marble, another great resource is the blog  'The Granite Gurus'.   Check it out for great info about choices & what to use to clean your granite!

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  1. I'm headed over there to find out how to clean my granite because I have black granite which is horrible to keep clean! I've determined to never have black granite again if I can help it.
    Come check out my post. I gave you a shout out at the end.