Thursday, April 7, 2011

Smith & Hawken @ Goodwill?

I love our front door but most friends and family use our back door as the main entrance.  That means I needed a wreath or something to brighten it up.  I've been eyeing the Smith & Hawken Boxwood wreaths @ Target lately but didn't want to spend $39.99.  So, another score at Goodwill last week & I found it in it's original box just like in the Target store for $14.  Goodwill has lots of Target 'buyouts' which unfortunately are exempt from the 50% off days, but $14 was still a great price. Smile!

If you are local, you need to hit up the Goodwill in Tri-County. It's the best!
Are you a Goodwill fan?


  1. I love both boxwood AND Smith and Hawken--I've been lusting over their boot tray at Target. You are very lucky to have such a nice Goodwill. Ours--never any luck. Looks great on the door!!

  2. tri-county (the massive one?)

    good tip

  3. Yes, that's the one. Seriously, last week when I went a woman was bringing a huge bag of clothes in the drycleaner bags. She was miffed that the guy just threw the clothes in the drop off bin. Especially when he said to her 'hey lady, the dry cleaned clothes go the same place as everything else'. She said to me, 'I guess I need to tell my husband to stop dry cleaning the stuff we are taking to Goodwill?'

  4. Great find! I haven't had much luck at Goodwill, but I keep looking. You are lucky to have such a great one.