Friday, March 18, 2011

"Why do you Blog?"

Have you ever been asked this question? I seem to be getting this question lately & thought I'd list my top 5 reasons for blogging:

1).  Blogging forces me to learn.  I have to learn how to put a favicon on my blog or learn new ways to modify the html so that it does what I want it to. This gives me a buzz when I figure it out.

2). Blogging inspires me to do more to my house. I get inspired from so many other bloggers and their tips & tricks on how to paint, cook and use of fabric. It also is a great way to keep track of projects, resources and the date completed.

3). Blogging encourages me to cook. So many bloggers have posted so many fun & easy recipes that are fun to try.

4). Blogging encourages me to think before I throw something out. 'How can I change that so that it has an updated look?'.

5). Blogging has made me appreciate the value of thrifting. Now I have an appreciation of Goodwill and other thrift stores and the benefits they provide for our community, not to mention all the bargains to be had.

There are lots of other reasons but those are my main reasons. Why do you blog?

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. The main reason I blog is to have an escape from my day job which can be quite frustrating and mundane. Although I work with beauty and fashion products, after awhile you tire of talking about lipsticks and hand lotion. Seriously!


  2. I totally agree with these! I'm taking the Blogging Your Way class with Holly Becker right now and we're exploring lots of these questions. Where were you before my homework was due!! ;)

  3. Karen - those are great, positive, reasons for blogging! I often think of blogging as a way to avoid all I have to do. I like that you find inspiration for all you have to do!