Thursday, January 20, 2011

Updated Cornice Board

We are making progress in our great room.  The cornice board is recovered & back up. (Insert Yah!).  Here are a few pics:

My husband is really good about helping out, especially if it means a new tool.  He is a firm believer that any project is easy to tackle as long as you have the right tool.  On this project, it meant we needed a new pneumatic stapler which we bought at Harbor Freight and this tool worked great:

The original cornice had scallops at the bottom which we decided to glue these small wood pieces in so the edge was  straight. This made it easier to pull the striped fabric:

Here is the before:

And cornice up:

I have the paint & hope to get to it this weekend.  On a random note, the kids are off school today & here is the scene in our backyard. This is just the start since we are supposed to get blasted this afternoon with a snowstorm....not sure about you, but I am over the snow!

Happy Thursday!


  1. it looks great! :)


  2. We have snow heading our way and I plan on a marathon weekend at home. Your room is starting to take shape. I am loving navy right now too.