Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Finished Great Room

I love paint. It's quick, easy and we can do it ourselves.  That said, I was the cut-in person & my husband was the roller. And, let me just say that even though the walls don't look that high, they are high & I have decided I do not like heights.   Here is a before shot of the room with all of it's redness:

 I had the color mixed at Lowe's and used a piece of the fabric to get the color match.  Here is it during:

And after:

I found the mirrors on the mantle at Homegoods. I also found the chunky blue vase there too!
Hmm, what can I paint next?

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  1. The simple change in color really changed the look of the room. I am partial to red, but I do thin this look is fantastic. Great work. Now maybe I need to hunt down me some navy pillows.

  2. Love the color...great choice! Visiting from TT...great blog!

  3. Awesome color choice! Love that the blue makes all the white accents seem so crisp!

  4. Nice color! And those mirrors from HOmegoods are awesome! Coming over from BNOP.

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  5. Hi Karen! Love the new look, and I am seriously going to homegoods tomorrow to hunt for those mirrors!!