Thursday, January 13, 2011

Coconut Oil?

I have posted here before about my thoughts on the importance of fish oil, and now would like to add to that list organic coconut oil.  What you say? Isn't that the worst oil we can ingest?  After lots of research on it, I am turning into a coconut advocate to be used in a healthier lifestyle.  Here is a short list of coconut oil benefits:

- assists in weight loss (that in itself is huge)
-prevents premature aging
-moisturizes skin & hair
-aides in digestion

I use it now in the AM for cooking my egg/egg whites instead of Pam & it is delicious.  Someone told me that they have been using it & have only gained weight.  From what I've read, you also have to remember that it does have calories so take that into consideration in terms of your total daily caloric intake.  I am no nutritionist but just thought you might be interested & want to do some research on this.  So far for me, it seems to make me feel fuller in the morning & the rest of the day which has made me eat less through out the day.  This is the coconut oil I found at our local Jungle Jim's which is an experience in itself:

Also, here is a short youtube video on the benefits of coconut oil:

How about you? Do you use coconut oil?

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  1. Once you've had eggs cooked in coconut oil, it's hard to go back! It also gives a good flavor to brownies. I use it on my skin, also. We get our coconut oil from Tropical Traditions.

  2. Yes! I use it as a pre-cleanser / moisturizer in my at home facials! I am working on a blog post this evening about it! How strange. I am intrigued by cooking eggs in it....I need to try that.