Monday, December 20, 2010

Setting your Christmas Table

I will be having Christmas dinner this year at our house & have started thinking about how to arrange the table and the centerpiece. I think planning ahead and trying to get as much finished ahead of time is what keeps me from freaking out calm!!  I am planning on a gold & silver theme.  I usually go for my handy Fanny Farmer cookbook for the correct way to set a table. Here is a nice visual of where the forks/knives/glasses etc should be placed.

  A good friend of mine recently had a dinner party and put out these simple, but elegant table pieces.

I also like to print off name cards so there is no confusion on seating. These are pretty neat as well to print off your dinner menu on nice card stock paper and can be found here.  Here is my menu for Christmas dinner:

And some elegant dining rooms for some inspiration:

Wishing you a busy Happy Monday!
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