Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Wish List...

This year, I have 1 item 2 items on my 'wish list' that I am really hoping come through.  We have a large stone  (wood burning) fireplace in our great room that has been used a lot over the years.

 There is only 1 problem. For some reason in the spring when it starts warming up outside, the fireplace smell lingers in the house. We've cleaned it out & had the chimney swept. Sooo, for my gift this year, I am asking for new white birch gas logs!  Gasp says the real wood burning folks.   Sorry, I'm over it & am looking  forward to a clean burn & one that I can turn on with the remote!

And 1 more item I hope to get:

What do you say Santa?


  1. I think Santa should grant those two wishes! Fab!

  2. Santa, is totally going to come through this year!! = )))