Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cleaning Shower Floors

Anyone else out there have fiberglass shower trays in the floor of their showers??  Well, we do & they are REALLY hard to get clean. I've tried SoftScrub, Dawn detergent, bleach, vinegar & baking soda.  Nothing works. Until now!  After some research on the internet, I've found the best solution so far.   Here is a before pic:

Eww sick! Is that really my shower floor?

Enter the oven cleaning product you would never think to use:

Saturate the area & leave on for about 30 minutes:

This was my 1st attempt & since it was 9:30pm, I didn't want to keep working on it but you get the idea!

Be sure to get the Easy Off Fume Free in the blue can. Mine had a nice lemon scent!  I am planning to go over this space again with the cleaner & use my trusty Magic Eraser:

Happy Thursday!


  1. Thank you SO much for the tip!! I have the same problem. I have had a little success with Comet powder and a stiff brush. Please post if the Magic Eraser works.

  2. The Magic Eraser helps make it shiny but the biggest improvement is from the Easy Off. I can't believe how it worked. Let me know if you try it out!

  3. Ohhh.. I may have to invest in the Easy Off. We have that nasty fiberglass bottom too.

    Have a great day!!

  4. I tried this today but 30 mins wasn't enough time for it to penetrate the dirt on my floor. Tomorrow I will attempt again and leave it for an hour. The can does say to leave it on for at least 2 hrs though. I will post pics!

  5. This is a great idea - I also had the same problem, but found that Lysol power and free bathroom cleaner with hydrogen peroxide works real well.

  6. Try Lysol power and free bathroom cleaner with hydrogen peroxide in the blue bottle. I've found that this works as well.

  7. Bar keepers friend works way better ;)

  8. Bar Keepers Friend works way better.. it will make it look brand new! ;)

    1. Maybe at first, but does it remove the gel coat and let it get dirty quicker? Even the Bar Keepers Friend label says, "Rub extra gently on fiberglass..."

  9. Bar Keepers Friend is wonderful for fiberglass showers! Try'll like it!!!

  10. Literally the easiest bathtub I have ever cleaned. Thank you so much for the tip!