Monday, November 29, 2010

Cincinnati Art Museum

Yesterday afternoon we had some time to visit again the Cincinnati Art Museum.  The Museum is free to all and they currently have exhibits that interested both myself & the husband.  Until Jan 30, 2011, they will be displaying "Wedded Perfection:  Two Centuries of Wedding Gowns" which I thought was really fascinating.

My husband was more interested in the "Heavy Metal: Arms & Armor".  

I wish we could have posted some personal photos' for you to see but there is a no-camera policy at the Museum.  If you've never been to the Art Museum, the building itself is worth seeing & you can always catch a nice lunch or dinner in Mt. Adams afterwards. 


  1. Sounds very interesting. I know I would love to see two centuries of wedding gowns, and my husband would be with yours, looking at the armor!

  2. It was amazing! I loved it but was also bummed about not taking any pictures. Oh well!
    The strapless Vera Wang was my favorite!!

    I had to go on a day date by myself, so you are lucky the hubs went along, even if he liked the armor better : )