Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Taste of Georgetown

I was in Maryland over the weekend & we decided to take a visit to Georgetown. We lucked out! They were having the Taste of Georgetown with lots of the local restaurants.  They had a wine garden & jazz music playing through out.  The weather was perfect & it was just fun to check it all out.   One of the booths just fascinated us, not because of the selection of food but the interest from the crowd.

Does this look familiar?

Sure you say, it's a cupcake!  Uh, no, apparently in Georgetown this is really special.  There were LOTS of people waiting in line at the Taste to get one of these.   And, they were willing to pay $5 for one which was for a good cause.  Each cupcake is boxed up an adorable pink box:

   We walked up the street to the actual bakery & found this:

There was a line out of the bakery with at least 35 people waiting to get in.  And, it lasted most of the day. 

Here are the 2 sisters who are the owners. They started out in design & private equity & traded that all in for cupcakes & baking:  

They even have a show on TLC?!!

I would say the foundation of design & finance have really helped these 2 small business owners launch a unique & fun business. Congrats to them!!

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