Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Frontgate Indoor/Outdoor Fabric

We are fortunate here in Cincinnati to have a Frontgate Outlet store.  I was there this week and found some gorgeous indoor/outdoor fabric.  I originally thought of recovering some outdoor cushions but am now thinking I might need to update my kitchen chairs. Here is a closeup of the fabric that was on sale for 75% off:

Not bad for $13.50!   
Bonus:  There is also a Ballard Outlet store right next to this Frontgate Outlet.

UPDATE:  Click here to see what I ended up using the fabric for!!


  1. Now way! Ballard and Frontgate have outlets?? Who knew? I think I would go crazy in a Ballard outlet.

  2. Yes, it is awesome. And this is the 1st time I found fabric remnants! Karen

  3. a really *fresh* fabric for anything indoors or out!