Friday, October 1, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Today starts Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I found this out earlier today when I went in for my annual mammogram & the nurse commented on the pink shirt I was wearing.  If you are a breast cancer survivor or related to anyone who is, today is a great day to say thanks for all the support that is out there.  Click here for more information.

Happy Friday & enjoy your weekend!!


  1. I just had my mamogram a couple of days ago.

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  2. Hello! Stopping by from Boost My Blog Friday to follow your blog :-)

    Carrie A Groff

  3. I am following along from the Blog Hop. I hope you can follow back and check out all my latest giveaways.
    God Bless and Happy Friday,

  4. Good for you getting your mammogram, Karen. I am giving away a small pink fabric pin to any blogger who is a survivor of breast cancer or is currently struggling with breast cancer. I would sure appreciate you passing it on, if you know of someone!