Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Beautiful Home...

With so much in the media now regarding all the foreclosures, corruption within the mortgage industry, etc., it seems so sad to see so many gorgeous homes on the market for so long.   I love to look at this site which shows all the up-scale homes for sale in Cincinnati & there are a lot of them that have been listed for a long time. Below are some shots of one of my favorites that has been for sale for over a year. (p.s. I do not know the owners):

Nice concrete circular driveway & stamped concrete walk way

Love that tray ceiling and the cornices

Sleek kitchen 

Gorgeous family room in the lower level

Love the stone around the bar


Love that custom coppery paint on the back wall in the study

Shot of the open floor plan to the lower level
This would be a great party house!

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