Friday, September 3, 2010

More spray painting fun...

What do you do with boring, black serving trays leftover from a party? You spray paint them of course.

I sprayed the entire tray silver & then added the frogtape & some of the leftover blue painters tape. Next, a coat of white paint:

I still need to finish it by spraying with Rust-oleum spray lacquer. Check out this blog post by the talented Everything LEB comparing this lacquer to the Krylon version. 

On another random note, if you are looking for an awesome picture editor, you should try Picasa.  It is free and will enhance your digital photos.

Linking up to power of paint!
Wishing you a Happy Friday & enjoy the holiday weekend!!


  1. Great project. I can't tell you how many of those I pitch or have passed up at yard sales. Wouldn't that be a great piece to add to a wall of plates? You have definitely inspired me! Thanks, Cincy!

  2. I love your spray paint project! The pattern is beautiful and I'm glad my post helped you out :)