Monday, August 23, 2010

Latest Read:

One of my daughters was encouraged to read this book, "Talent is Never Enough" from one of her coaches & she thought I would get something out of it as well. You might too!  The author, John Maxwell is a well known leadership and motivational speaker.

From the book:

1. Belief lifts my talent.
2. Passion energizes my talent.
3. Initiative activates my talent
4. Focus directs my talent.
5. Preparation positions my talent.
6. Practice sharpens my talent.
7. Perseverance sustains my talent.
8. Courage tests my talent.
9. Teachability expands my talent.
10. Character protects my talent.
11. Relationships influence my talent.
12. Responsibility strengthens my talent.
13. Teamwork multiplies my talent. 

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