Monday, July 12, 2010

Wedding & 100th post!

Excited that today is my 100th blog post and had a few of my nephew's wedding pictures to post.  I will be posting better more pictures since my sister-in-law with the fancy digital camera is sending them to me!

Outdoor wedding ceremony. We were fortunate to have gorgeous sunny weather. In the distance is the Ohio River.  

Some nice music for the cocktail hour

My 3 girls were all able to make it!

My sister & my cousin. We had a dancing blast!

I also blogged here about another family wedding we had at this same outdoor location. It is owned by one of our family members and has been in their family for a very long time.  It has a special place in all of our hearts! 

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  1. Karen,
    What a beautiful setting and beautiful daughters!
    Dee Dee