Friday, July 9, 2010

Random Friday!

This being Friday and a crazy one at that here in Cincinnati since we have our huge family in town for the big wedding tomorrow, I thought I would blog about something totally random like nail polish. Now I don't have fake nails (did for a short while but didn't like them for long) but I do like the look of a french manicure & have had them done before at the nail salon. After maybe 15 seconds minutes, there always was chipping.  So, since most of us on these blogs are do-it-yourself types, I decided to try to do my own french manicure. In comes Sally Hansen Extreme Wear nail polish!!  This stuff seriously is awesome and does not chip for a week. That beats going to the nail salon in my book.

Here's to a Happy Friday & a fun weekend!

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  1. Hi Karen, when I saw your blog title on the Nester's site I had to click since I too live in the same area code. Nice to see a fellow Cincinnatian blogging. I haven't come across many. I live just outside the city. Your chandelier update looks great!:)