Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chandelier revamp - Part1 !

What do you do with those annoying, old, it's-now-over campaign signs that we all get stuck putting in our yards?  You know, these:

You save them to use the wire and the handy husband makes me my birthday present. I've always liked this dining room chandelier but decided it needed an update since I changed up the space recently.  Here it is with the little black shades:

And here it is before the revamp all clean and naked:

Here was my inspiration:

Gorgeous but still too expensive for me

More reasonably priced but our real problem was finding a drum shade that was large enough.  We needed a diameter of 32".  So, we had to make it!

Step 1: ring made out of the campaign signs:

 We put the ring on the chandelier to make sure it fit. Since we didn't want to take down the chandelier, this ring fits from the bottom up. 

I've already bought the 3 yards of black organza from Hancock Fabrics so here is what's left to do:

Spray paint the ring
Sew the fabric around the ring 

Stay tuned for the final result!  


  1. Can't wait to see the final result!
    You have some of the best ideas!
    Dee Dee

  2. What a great idea to reuse items that are never removed in a timely manner. Can't wait to see the finale! Jude

  3. I just can't figure out how you actually attached it to the chandelier!!! I must figure this out #513!!!

  4. I'd like to give this a try too! How do you attach it to your existing chandy?

  5. What a clever idea to use the campaign signs and you certainly can't tell that's what it is in the final product! Love how it turned out. I'm going to include this in an upcoming DIY post and link back, if that's okay.

  6. i dont have campaign signs....what kind of wire or guage can i buy?

  7. You could probably get some 3/16" gauge wire at Lowe's or Home Depot.