Monday, May 24, 2010

Dining Room Progress

Making progress on the dining room transformation from where we started here.  This weekend, I finished painting the bow window & the husband put up the curtain rod:

I bought the rod at Target which had the best price & the faux silk curtains are from Bed Bath & Beyond:

I finally decided on this Waverly Fabric for the dining room chairs & just want to say that finding gray/white stripe was not easy but I am so happy with it:

And a charcoal colored microfiber on the 2 parson chairs:

The chairs are not a DIY project since my hand is numb from painting & there is no way I can pulled 4026 staples out of all these cushions.  Hopefully, they are finished this week. I also found  new lamps at Homegoods:

I have really enjoyed this project but as usual, am ready for it to be finished since I have my sights on another project.    Bye Bye red!

Happy Monday!


  1. Boy -- that is really looking beautiful. I love the granite dust color you chose, and I've always been pleased with Valspar paints, as well. The white and gray look gorgeous together and I also love your silky curtains. Everything appears to be coming together beautifully. I'll be watching for more posts on this room, as I need to update my dining room, as well!

  2. Karen,
    This is looking wonderful!
    Can't wait to see the finished project!
    Dee Dee