Friday, April 23, 2010

Lattice print everywhere!

I am loving the lattice print & am finding it everywhere:

New Cindy Crawford pillow @ JCPenny..$12.99

West Elm rug

Lattice poster for $12.99

Waverly lattice fabric

This house is for sale here in Cincinnati. Thought their well manicured yard was awesome & note the lattice pattern:

Here's to a nice weekend!!


  1. Excellent!
    Love your new border!
    Dee Dee

  2. haha -- that's good. You have a sharp eye to recognize that lattice in the yard! Today I was mowing and we have a pretty big backyard. I decided to make a smiley face by lowering the blade down to "2", rather than "4". I now have a huge smiling face looking up at "somebody". I hope that someone notices it from an airplane the way you noticed the lattice! I told my husband it was just those darn "crop circles".