Friday, April 2, 2010

Goodwill Finds - Part 4

More of my favorite GW stuff!  Some of these finds make their way to my kids away at school or to my office.  I am still amazed at the stuff that is at GW.  Here's a lucite tray:

Here's the (makeup) tray after a little Modge Podge & cute paper:

A cute metal planter!

This is one of those candle holders that open up & fit around the base of your outdoor umbrella patio set. Might need to hit it up with some spray paint: 

Copper bird feeder:

Love the GW!!

I am linking up to Frugalicious Friday!


  1. Great finds. I want to go to your local GoodWill! Happy Easter to you as well.

  2. Fabulous finds! That copper bird feeder is to die for! Simply divine. I am with Suzanne...I wanna shop at your Goodwill!

  3. You had a great score at your GW. Love the copper bird feeder.

  4. love the bird feeder and the tray turned out cute!

  5. Hello, fellow Cincinnatian! I love all the great things you find at GW. I look for treasures at my GW and not able to find the same type of deals in Loveland as you. Keep up the hunt!