Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Garden Stool Update!

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll regarding which color to paint the  $20 Big Lots ceramic garden stool!   The winning choice was silver so that's what it is:

Original State:

Couple coats of spray primer. Hope I didn't get any on that awesome tractor tire!

1st coat of high gloss silver/chrome using this that was already in the garage (along with the other 44 cans of spray paint):

And the finished product!

Not bad for $20!

I am linking up to DIY Day!

UPDATE:  A friend of mine contacted me because she wanted to find one of the $20 drums to paint also. Here's hers finished. Gotta love the spray paint!


  1. Looks great. I love the silver.

  2. I love the final result! Great color choice!
    Dee Dee

  3. Ohhh man...I saw those at big lots today...should have snatched it up...looks great in silver.

  4. I wish they had them now (2 yrs later)! :-(