Thursday, April 1, 2010

Transformation of the Transformation

What makes your husband say ' whaaaat?'.  Maybe seeing something like this?

And then saw this:

Ok, have you ever finished a decorating project  & then looked back at it and tried to convince yourself that you loved it? That was me last week with this project here.  Probably because I spent the $ for the Ralph Lauren paint.  It just wasn't metallic enough for me & I don't like the brown with the wall color.

I was busy painting the kitchen doors  but started thinking about the gorgeous coppery brown mirror.   I had some leftover silver spray paint from my door knobs project.   I took a paper plate & sprayed it & taped it to the mirror to see if I might like that on the mirror. But, before I jumped into spray paint mode, I decided to head on over to Home Depot to ask them about the Ralph Lauren paint & why it didn't look metallic & coppery enough to me.  The paint guy asked me a simple question: 'Did you prime the mirror first?'.  Hmm, let me think about that for a sec, uh no priming going on. Duh!  So, I sheepishly went home & primed the mirror here: 

And then re-painted it AGAIN with the Ralph Lauren Lush Brown metalic paint.  Still didn't like the brown mirror against the wall color. So, after a little silver spray paint, here is the (final) finished product!

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  1. Husbands say the darnest things, don't they?! Don't get me started on mine - lol! I love the new color - much better

  2. it looks great...I think you did a good job...AND you taught us all a lesson!

  3. Excellent transformation!
    Dee Dee