Wednesday, March 24, 2010

TLC's Accidental Fortune show?

Why is this lady smiling?  Because she has the oldest and most valuable baseball card of the Cincinnati Red stockings in existence and she found it in a rummage sale box. (sidenote: no this isn't my grandma but really really looks like her). 

Has anyone watched this show yet on TLC?  It's awesome and documents people who have accidentally come across a fortune in unexpected places.  One person found a print at a consignment store that ended up selling for $250,000.

Another story was about a guy from Newark Ohio who was getting ready to build a golf course on his property. As the backhoe went into the ground, it hit something hard. Turns out it was the full skeleton of a prehistoric mastodon which was then extracted from the ground. The guy sold it for $600,000 but not until he made a full cast of the animal. He now makes and sells the replica to museums & it has become his 2nd career.  Now that was a smart move!
It airs on TLC at 10:00PM.  If you've got an accidental fortune, click here to get more info on this new program & getting your story out.

Here is a youtube video of an upcoming show (I promise the show is faster moving than this video):

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