Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Painting update and need an opinion!

Man, this door painting project is not a quick one. As the husband says, since he won't help me  'just keep chipping away & eventually you'll be done with your project!'.  Almost there & here are some  progress pics. I need some opinions on the doors & curtains in the kitchen leading out to the porch.  Here's the before:
The question is, do I put up new similar style curtains OR do I put up a cornice similar to the one in the living room OR do I do nothing? Any help would be appreciated.  Here is a pic of the other cornice visible from the kitchen.
Thanks for any help fellow bloggers!

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  1. I'm not sure if the doors need anything, I would probably leave them plain. Maybe you can start off plain, then add if you feel it needs something different. I love the way the white is looking in the room!
    Dee Dee

  2. Hello Nati Girl. I found your blog through finding fabulous. You are a girl after my heart as I too love shopping at the GW.

    I have a suggestion about the doors. If you don't NEED coverings, I would leave them off. If you need them, what about making some romans for each door. The instructions for making them out of inexpensive slat blinds are everywhere in blogland. That way, you can have them up if needed, or down if needed and the fabric will tie into the rest of your room (depending on what you pick)

    I've become a follower.

  3. The white really does open up the room - you are going to be thrilled when the project is finally over. I am with Dee Dee, I would leave them bare at first - you may find with the new color you don't need any window treatment at all. Thanks for linking up to Be Inspired today.


  4. Your white trim is wonderful. The change really updates your home. If it were me I would want just a simple window treatment. I was looking around at your other pictures to see the rest of the room but I have to run to the Home Depot so I will check out the rest of your blog and see if I have a suggestion after I return.

  5. definitely put some curtains up! maybe some long puddled curtains.
    the white looks awesome.
    just found your blog. so happy i did.


  6. I think your doors are looking so much better with the white paint. If they are just going to the porch and you don't 'need' window treatments, then I would just leave them plain. Found your blog through the power of paint party.

  7. Those detailed paint jobs take FOREVER! I think window coverings are just a matter of preference... I always like something to frame my windows. You could hang curtains just on the far left and far right... one panel on each side... that way it wouldn't be in the way of the door. Can't wait to see the finished project.