Friday, March 5, 2010

Nail Head trim!

I just recently bought this nail head trim kit @ Joann Fabrics for $14.99. I was able to do my chair in the livingroom and the 2 side chairs in the diningroom. This stuff is easy to use & really fun!

I still have some left so wondering around the house to see where else I can add this to?

Didn't wonder too long.....this is a great way for the amateur decorator to add nailhead trim to their furniture. The more patient experienced decorator would use individual nails. Me? Not so much. How do you like my orange rubber hammer?  You don't want to use a regular hammer since that destroys the top of the nails.

I am linking up with Frugalicious Friday!  She is a former Cincinnati girl
who has an inspiring blog so check her out!!


  1. Okay, so now you have me wanting to rush out to Jo Ann's and pick up some nailhead trim! Great job. Wow, it really took that already awesome sofa up a few notches!
    I'm an Ohio gal too, living in the 740:)
    Would love you to stop by sometime! Lisa

  2. Wahoo...what fun! I've never even heard of this kit before, very cool. Thanks for sharing and for linkin' up! And thanks for the Cincy shout out too ;)