Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Painting!

After painting the hallway doors, I couldn't wait to start on the kitchen and hallway towards the laundry room. I am still loving my cherry cabinets and think painting all the stained doors will make the cabinets pop. I had to show the hubs a few pics of existing kitchens that have this combination to assure him. Here are my inspiration pics from homes that are for sale now in Cincinnati.

Here are some pics of my kitchen the way it is now.....but, not for long!

Question for anyone out there in blogland....has anyone every painted over fabric? Thinking a new pattern on these faded curtains would be great as long as quick & easy and would make more of a statement once the doors are all painted white .....

Here's a couple of pics of where I'm at so far. This current project will probably lead me next to the diningroom painting!

After 3 coats of paint on this door, I realized that gee, maybe priming the doors with this paint would be a good idea. And it has no-sand on the label which makes me smile.

This is a big job & would have loved to hire someone, but not in the budget at the moment. If you haven't seen this cabinet transformation, check it out. Janell had her cabinets all painted & it turned out beautiful. Check out her blog for some beautiful inspiration! After I finish the next 7 doors, I will post the final project. Stay tuned...

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  1. Painting doors and trim is such a huge project, but I love the way it looks in the end! Looking forward to seeing your finished project! Dee Dee