Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Doors are finished!

This is so far the longest project for me to date so yes, I am thrilled to be finished! Total of 12 doors. After looking at these doors this way for 20 years, we were ready for a change!!    Again, here are the before shots.

The during:


And now finally finished!!

(Note: see the wine glass. Ah!)

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  1. NG,
    Looks like a totally different house! It white freshens up the whole space! Love it!
    Hope you are felling better... Dee Dee

  2. They look amazing! I'm so jealous you are done with your doors.

  3. Ashley,
    You've got me beat as far as the number of doors you've done & are still planning to finish. But, don't tell the husband I have my eyes on the diningroom! NG

  4. Wow, I KNOW that is a lot of work, and you really did an amazing job - congratulations, it made such a HUGE difference!!! Enjoy that wine, you so deserve it!!!

  5. WOWWW NG! those look great! Awesome job, way to finish!

  6. OK -- I'm starting on my doors and molding now -- MY TURN (yech!!!). I am also doing the closet doors, so I think I've got something like 18 doors.... omg -- I just realized that I have all the doors in the finished basement! Well -- I think those will just have to remain STAINED. Anyway -- I've been using an oil-base primer and I HATE IT. I had used it on painting furniture over stain and it wasn't a big deal, but this is horrid. May I ask what primer you used? Do I HAVE to use oil-base???? (please say no).

  7. I used the Behr Ultra paint & primer in semi-gloss ultra white. It is water based (yeah!) and I used at least 2 coats and sometimes had to add a 3rd. Good luck & hope to see the pics!