Friday, March 19, 2010

Dollar Tree & Ollie finds!

The Dollar Tree sometimes has good deals. I prefer Dollar Tree rather than Dollar General because if you have 'Dollar' in the title, it needs to be a $. Dollar General has stuff that at times is way over priced & not 1 $. Here are some recent Dollar Tree finds.

This filing box snapped together (literally) also came in lime green which was adorable :

These are hilarious. Sticker switch plate covers. I used a few around already and the family is starting to wonder about me...haha!

Fun wall hanging for my office bathroom:

And what about this store that I just went to yesterday for the first time called Ollies???? Found a few bargains. Might have to stop back at this place. These are 20 embossed thank you note cards and lined envelopes in green for $1.99.

Here is the back of the notecard box and her website with some really pretty stationary:

This Olay product has been discontinued & from the research I did on this product, it seems it was well liked but the problem is in the dispenser. Some people posted that the product continues to flow out & then gets clogged. It is still being sold out on the internet here for a bit more than $2.99. So far, no problem for us. It has some fine granuales in it to remove the dirt & smells amazing!

And some cute paper for $.99 that is always fun with Modge Podge. Here is a post I did using this type of paper & a fun craft project!

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Enjoy the weekend!


  1. What great bargains. We have an Ollie's in PA and I love going to check out what they have. Thanks for sharing. Jude

  2. I went to the Dollar Tree in Lebanon a few weeks ago with my Mom! Made me wish one was closer to my house. I have never heard of Ollie's but sounds like my kind of store!
    Dee Dee